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Looking to help your child build their
self-esteem and resilience?

It would be useful to find out ways you could help increase your child’s self-esteem and resilience, wouldn't it?
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A certain amount of stress in any one person’s life can actually be a good thing, it helps us grow and
move us out of our comfort zone which in turn can lead us to find new solutions to problems we have.

Unfortunately though, too much stress or prolonged stress can have a detrimental effect on the
human body and we are seeing it all too often now across the generations young and old.

If the stress isn’t managed it can turn into anxiety and sadly, this is becoming all too common in younger children.

This short video is for parents who are looking at ways to help their children manage and cope with stressful situations such as:

Bullying/teasing, parental separation/divorce, separation anxiety, challenges at school, exams ……. and so much more

This is where this video ‘Mindset for Parents 101’ comes in!

This video will cover:

  • Do you know what stress looks like in a child? This will help you identify some of the symptoms to look out for in your children such as sleep disturbances, frequent sadness, drop in grades, decrease in appetite or other changes in eating habit to name but a few
  • Effective techniques to help you communicate with your child and help build a level of trust and communication between you and your child – this is key to helping them to learn to grow their independence and their voice and feel that they have a safe place to speak out
  • Learn how to help increase your child’s self-esteem and build resilience through the use of your language. As parents, we can have a powerful impact on our children’s mindsets and the language we use and the actions we take show our children what to expect.
  • Understand the role emotions have in learning how it is critical to the outcome of their success overall

We’ll cover lots more than this too!

You will also receive access to a private online group afterwards, so you can feel
confident in the knowledge that you’ll have ongoing support.

Give your child the skill sets and strategies, so they can cope with the pressures of life!